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Payton is our 11 year old black lab. She has been a part of our family since she was 8 weeks old. Payton is a quiet Lab and has a kind heart, as most labs do. As Payton has aged she has gotten slower, she has several fatty tumors that the vet suggested we leave unless they start to bother her, so far they don’t seem to be an issue.
We were camping one weekend with our family and Payton seemed to be having a much more difficult time getting up and down the ramp we have for her to get in and out of the camper. Kaiti Anthofer was telling us about how they would give their German Shepard, Ollie, essential oil to calm her and how much it has helped. After a discussion about the oils, I said I would try it for Payton, I was a little reluctant but hopeful. Kaiti gave us a sample of “Pup Again”. Kaiti applied a few drops of the “Pup Again” in Payton’s front armpit. After about 20 minutes Payton was able to stand up a little easier. We continued to apply a couple drops of the “Pup Again” in Payton’s armpit each day for the next few days and Payton was perkier then what she had been. We then decided to increase the dosage of “Pup Again” to twice a day. Payton is able to get up and down our steps easier, she lays down and gets up easier and she has even ran down the driveway to see our neighbor. Payton is smiling and back to her old self.
We will continue to use “Pup Again” for Payton.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking to ease the discomfort of their older family pets.
Thank you Kaiti for introducing us to “Pup Again” for Payton!!!


Our German Shepherd, Ollie, is 3 and a half years old. She loves to protect her kids, play with all her toys and chase birds! She has fought with anxiety since she was tiny and has never liked loud noises. Fireworks and gunshots especially send her into a trembling mess. We were introduced to “Pup Again” and decided to give it a try! It does not delete her anxiety completely but it definitely takes a major edge off of her anxiety! I show Ollie the bottle and she’s comes over and sits still for me to apply it! Even she understands that it helps her! It appears to help her within 10 minutes or so! This product is amazing and we would highly recommend it!

People thought I was an angry pup. Now, I am the pet they always wanted.


It’s soooo good. I went from chomping on my family’s furniture to chilling and just enjoying my favorite bone.


Hanging out with the wrong crowd down by the river was a bad idea. I just kept barking after! I’m glad my owner adjusted my behavior.


I used to love howling and barking  but now I love napping! I love dreaming of food dropping off my master’s table.


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If you’d like to give us your review, please contact us by clicking here.